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Bitcoin Revolution Scam

Bitcoin Revolution - Scam or Not?

Bitcoin Revolution was created in 2017 by an association of recognized brokers. It is an automated cryptocurrency trading system that executes trades 0.01 seconds faster than the competition, thanks to its algorithm which is based on indications from the cryptocurrency market trends.

The sole inventors of the Bitcoin Revolution are largely unknown, although there have been rumours that this fascinating software was created by a consortium of brokers who were associated with Bitcoin. The group already had the technical know-how behind trading and just needed to create the desired algorithm on a user-friendly platform. It is safe to say that they succeeded in this task as the Bitcoin Revolution is undoubtedly one of the simplest, yet effective, automatic investment platforms available.

This software was built to make trades in accordance to set trading signals, or trading strategies, as a means to make a profit from cryptocurrency trades.

Bitcoin Revolution has two working modes: Manual and Automatic, which provide you with various categories of involvement while you retain full control.

The user can customize rules for the software to follow in executing trades. The software gathers and analyses market data, from which it provides trading signals, and according to those it can either execute trades independently or suggest to the user to carry out these trades. Its automated trading option dubbed Bitcoin Revolution system as a “Trading Robot”.

The automatic mode rids the user of the need to buy and sell cryptocurrencies manually, and automatically executes trades in a fast, more efficient, accurate and emotion-free manner. Eliminating human emotions in trading means that decisions are established entirely on advanced mathematical algorithms. Because the Bitcoin Revolution is an automated bot, you can rest assured that it will leave no room for errors.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?


Bitcoin Revolution has been assessed by a good number of professionals and has won various awards. One such award was for the Best Trading Software which was presented by the United States Trading Association.


With a record-breaking success rate of 99.4%, there is no wonder that Bitcoin Revolution App is known to be one of the most credible, award winning, cryptocurrency trading software in the crypto world.


Bitcoin Revolution works using your pre-set rules to execute trades on your behalf. It also creates room for backtesting, which is the process of testing your pre-set rules against historical market data, in order to allow you to fine-tune your trading signals.


Access to the Bitcoin Revolution platform is free for its users. Whatever deposits a user make, they are guaranteed to be used and accessible only to the user. Additionally, there are no hidden charges or extra costs.


When you sign up, you are practically enrolling into a community of traders from different regions across the globe, all having a common goal as you - to utilize the opportunity to make a substantial profit from cryptocurrency trading.


Bitcoin Revolution does not require any software download or updates, instead, it is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any place, any device and anytime. All that is required is an internet connection.

How to Trade Using Bitcoin Revolution

For newcomers looking to join, you will first be required to register and create an account on the website. Again – the software is free to use. However, if you want to use the live mode, an initial investment will be required. It will be used by you for your trades, and you will always be able to withdraw the initial funds and profits, at any point.

Listed below is the step-by-step procedure for opening an account on Bitcoin Revolution:

Register to Bitcoin Revolution Platform

Once you’ve gained access to the Bitcoin Revolution website, you will be required to fill out a short online registration form to create your account. Necessary information like your first and last names, email account, and your phone number will be requested for you to register. You will also be instructed to create a unique password to protect your account. Once your registration has been completed, we recommend that one of our dedicated, professional brokers will review your registration on the Bitcoin Revolution platform. It is advisable to try out a demo account first to get familiar with the platform before committing any real money to the system.

Try Out a Demo Account

There is a demo account on Bitcoin Revolution that is available to users. The software provides you with a quick tour of the ins and outs of the demo account. Bitcoin Revolution demo account will start you up with $1,500 dummy dollars to trade with, in order to hone your skills and allow you to further explore the functionalities of the software.

Start Your Live Account

After creating your account and trying out the demo account, the next thing to do is to move on to the live account. At this point you will be directed to a “trading room” where you can select your trading strategy and signals on the Bitcoin Revolution software.

Here are some contents on the of the Live Account page:

Control Panel:

The Bitcoin Revolution App’s control panel allows you access to the settings of your account. It enables you to follow up on the progress of your trades, and also allows you to adjust and regulate the software’s behaviour according to your set rules. You can adjust these trading rules anytime, according to your changing preferences.

Trading History:

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to examine past trades based on your current settings. This is done to see if your set rules would have made profit if traded by them, so it enables you to make adjustments that will meet both your preferences and the market’s behaviour to maximize potential profits.

Open Transactions:

The Open Transaction feature allows you to view the operations console so that you can review and analyse the Bitcoin Revolution trading robot’s performance in real time, at any given moment.

Go Live or Demo Account:

With this feature you can switch between a Live and a Demo account modes. The Demo account allows you to “trade” for practice, while the Live mode is the actual real-time trading mode.

The Bitcoin Revolution system has a selection of cryptocurrencies to choose from, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. It also has a selection of Fiat money (government-issued currency) including EUR and USD. You can choose to trade between crypto-to-crypto pairs or crypto-to-fiat. You can then decide on what amount you want to use to trade. Finally, you can click the “Auto Trade” button and watch your trades go live and managed by the automated system.
Deposit And Start Earning

When opening a live account on the Bitcoin Revolution platform, you will need to make the minimum deposit of just $250 to start your live trading. The deposit will be used by you and your trading robot for the actual trading. Both the deposit amount and all your profits are withdrawable at any point.

There are no fees or commissions to be deducted, as Bitcoin Revolution software is totally free of charge!

As you trade and realize your profits, you can decide to reinvest or withdraw these profits, whichever you decide.

Accepted payment methods for the initial deposit include Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards, Neteller, American Express, and Discovery Network. After a deposit has been made, you can begin your trading journey with Bitcoin Revolution.

Profiting From Bitcoin Revolution

The Bitcoin Revolution platform is a distinguished user-friendly system, free of any charges, and has been acclaimed to make about $1,300 in profits for its users from an initial investment of $250.

It is also a known fact that the Bitcoin Revolution is the dominating cryptocurrency software based on countless independent examinations and innumerable customer testimonials.

All that the majority of users do, is simply establish their preferential trading spectrum using the automatic mode, and the Bitcoin Revolution delivers the daily profits.


The Bottom Line

Bitcoin Revolution App is an all-in-one solution with many features, benefits, capabilities and an impressive track record.

The software offers a very impressive success rate and it is therefore worth a try by anyone who is looking to improve their profit-making. This is your key to success, your chance to change your life!

Still have questions?

After you have explored all the information on our website, familiarized yourself with the features and options of the platform, if you still have questions about Bitcoin Revolution or need additional information, please feel free to Contact Us, we will be delighted to be of assistance to you.

Bitcoin Revolution a Scam or Not - Full Review

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated cryptocurrency trading system that executes trades 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. It was stated that the Bitcoin Revolution was created in 2017 by the association of recognized brokers. According to some reports, this group of brokers had the technical knowledge as well as trading skills. They wanted to create a platform based on an advanced automated algorithm. Another reports have it that the sole inventor of the Bitcoin Revolution is unknown. This can arise speculations that the software is a scam as the founder is unknown. In this review, we shall examine whether the Bitcoin Revolution is a scam, what Bitcoin Revolution is, its workability and features.

Bitcoin Revolution: Is it legit or a scam

There are many positive reviews of the Bitcoin Revolution software. Some of the users claim that Bitcoin Revolution has given them an edge over other robots. That is the goal of the traders – to make more profits from each trading session. The competitive nature of the cryptocurrency markets calls for the best trading system and making the best trading decisions.

Secondly, users have observed that the Bitcoin Revolution has unique features. The unique features make it stand out from the rest. There is pleasure in the use of the automated features as you continue to make consistent profits daily.

Thirdly, the developers have proved critics wrong as the traders have a user-friendly platform. The platform makes it simple to operate the software.

Fourthly, Bitcoin Revolution as a trading robot was made to ensure that it achieves high success and a consistent winning rate. A minimum deposit of $250 was used to test the software capability, and the high success rate was impressive.

On the other hand, some online reports have it that the Bitcoin Revolution has been operating as an investment scheme. There have been warnings to people to stay away from crypto trading platforms so that they don’t fall prey to scammers.

Other reports argue that Bitcoin Revolution uses fake celebrity endorsements to promote their software, making unattainable claims.

Public Reviews of the Bitcoin Revolution


With a view of ensuring that the Bitcoin Revolution is legit, some websites are believed to have advertised the trading platform. Later it was discovered that there was no official media coverage on TV or affiliated websites on the Bitcoin Revolution. Nevertheless, besides all these fake testimonials we come across, the Bitcoin Revolution has some unique features and it has an increasing number of investors whose testimonials can bring international recognition to the software.

The following are some of the TV shows on which Bitcoin Revolution was claimed to be reviewed:


It is also worth noting that Bitcoin Revolution has not appeared on the British Television for promotional activities as claimed, and it does not seem to have business relationship with thepresenters on “This Morning” TV shows.


What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

As earlier indicated, the Bitcoin Revolution was founded by a rockstar team of expert software engineers, who are also professional traders in the cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin Revolution is a trading bot that carries out all trading functions without the assistance of the trader. The following are some of the functions of the software: The software helps the trader to analyze the markets and initiates trades. With its algorithms, the software generates signals in split seconds faster than other robots.

With a minimum deposit of $250, it trades on your behalf and generates a passive income per day. The software does its functions automatically. The platform makes profits when the market is going up or when the market is falling. It also trades when the market is falling against each other. Bitcoin Revolution has been effective because it has sophisticated computer algorithms that it uses for trading purposes. The platform trades on the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash. It also trades on hard currency like USD, EUR, CHF.

How The Bitcoin Revolution Works


As an investor, you can have a feel of how it works by creating an account on the website. First and foremost, the software is free to use. However, if you want to use the live mode, you will be required to make your initial deposit of $250. Meanwhile, to create an account, you will have to follow these four steps:

Comparison between the Bitcoin Revolution and Other Trading Robots:

It offers a demo practice account to enable the users to familiarize themselves with the software functionalities.

Bitcoin Revolution has a winning ratio of 92% which makes it a leading trading robot.

The minimum deposit to open an account is $250.

Registration is done in a matter of minutes with ease.

Bitcoin Revolution

 Other Trading Robots

It does not possess demo account resources as the users are compelled to commence live trading without knowing the functionality of the software.

Many trading robots softwares are a scam. They do not have a winning ratio, rather an unsuccessful trade.

Not all robots operate with a minimum deposit, you will be advised to make high payments in exchange for high returns.

Some robots will require you to fill lengthy forms and the platform is not user friendly.

The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Revolution


  • There are online reports that are making false claims on the robot’s website, whether it is legit or not.

  • Some of the business competitors have also resorted to creating and spreading fake news about celebrity endorsements. This is not true and yet to be confirmed.

  • Any trading activity holds the risk of loss. It is advisable that you familiarize yourself with the system and the market before investing large amounts.

  • Profit or profit amounts cannot be one hundred percent guaranteed.


  • The trading robot is free to use on a demo account. However, on the live mode, you will be requested to register your account.

  • It has a high accuracy level and the best value for his investment.

  • The software provides a demo account where all the functionalities of the robot can be learned. The demo account is a prelude before putting money into your live account.

  • The platform has competent customer support that is available 24/7. They are ready to take your live chat and email inquiries. You will also get assistance to the broker who is linked to you.

  • It brings about convenience in trading. Your device is safe and allows you flexibility to trade with an internet connection and a browser.

Features of Bitcoin Revolution Software 


We have discussed this review to a point where there should be no doubt about the Bitcoin Revolution software. Doubt arises when you want to invest in a different trading platform. The following are some of the features of Bitcoin Revolution:

Consistent Profitability

In trading, all transactions carry a risk, and that is why there is no guarantee of profits. However, with the Bitcoin Revolution, the newbie trader and the professional trader are both guaranteed consistent earnings. It is assumed that once you familiarize yourself and invest more confidently you are assured of $1000 weekly.

Cryptocurrencies pairs

The platform trades on the following cryptocurrency coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Ethereum, Dash. It also trades hard currencies like US Dollars, Euro and Swiss Franc.

Deposit and Withdrawal at acceptable times

The deposit can be made with VISA or MasterCard credit or Debit Cards, Neteller, AMEX, Discovery. The mode of withdrawal is also easy as payment is done within 24 hours.

Safe and friendly verification system

The verification of the users follows the pattern of registration. For instance, a trader making use of its Credit Card to deposit must submit his name and credit card details instead of a completed document.

Efficient and safe brokers

The online brokers manage the investment portfolios of their clients. The brokers assist in terms of deposits and withdrawal of funds. They also render customer care service.


Bitcoin Revolution App is a legitimate trading robot, which becomes more and more popular and gains worldwide trust and acknowledgment. There were many questions asked to clear the legitimacy of the trading robot. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the trading robot works. The accuracy of the software and the winning ratio of 92% is a thing to cherish. The Bitcoin Revolution App is your key to success and a chance to change your lifestyle!

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